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SMALL TOWN JONES in concert April 20 – SOLD OUT


Small Town Jones has a long-awaited new album out this year called Kintsugi, and to celebrate, he will be performing an intimate duo show in the Swiss Cottage with guitarist Dave Little (Delines / Peter Bruntnell). With his yearning and plaintive yet melodic songs, Devonian Jones is a unique talent and extremely popular with sc4m regulars. Beautiful things break. You can look at the cracks and repairs when it’s put back together as flaws, or you can see them as part of the story; scars telling their own tale. It’s the philosophy of the Japanese art of kintsugi (“golden joinery”), and also the creative faith behind the first album in six years from Devon musician Small Town Jones.
Kintsugi the album has been two years in the making, pulled together from fragments and glimpses of sadness, joy, brokenness and repair. But mostly repair: it glitters like the precious metals traditionally used in kintsugi to reunite what’s been broken.
Small Town Jones is effectively singer-songwriter Jim Jones, his new album a collaboration with long time friend, drummer, multi instrumentalist and producer Michael Reed.
Both Mike and Jim work full time: Jim working in youth justice and as a therapeutic mentor with young people in need of repair and restoration, kids as fragmented as he was as a young man; Mike creating music for film and TV including contributing to football comedy hit Ted Lasso. Weirdly, synchronistically, Ted Lasso was the inspiration for album track Mr Kintsugi before Jim even knew Mike had worked on the show. Mike only mentioned it in passing sometime during the Tuesday and Thursday night recording sessions in his home studio, an escape for both from the pressure of day jobs, deadlines and the expectations of others.
Alongside them is Jim’s ever-present and inspiring guitar foil Dave Little (Jim, Mike and Dave all met at college) and bass guitarist Nathan Layland, with additional instrumentation from David Smale on double bass, Rebecca Balzani Barrow on violin and the brilliant Holly Carter on pedal steel. Good friend and previous Small Town Jones producer Peter Bruntnell also adds his unique guitar sound to the track We Are All Each Other, and Safe In Sound features vocals from Abbe and Hannah from Sound Of The Sirens.
Kintsugi the art form invites us to embrace imperfection, admire the artistry in repair. Similarly, Small Town Jones’ Kintsugi celebrates reunion, examines our emotional scars, finds joy in our flaws. And, above all, it hopes that the rejoined can be as beautiful and whole as what was broken.