May 1st 2003
Peter Bruntnell / Horse Stories
Peter and band on stonking form.

June 24th 2003
Sarah Sharp, Rachael Dadd, Kate Stables, The Sense
We took a risk on a new artist and it worked really well. An all-woman show.

October 23rd 2003
Ben Weaver
Ben had been having a difficult tour and was cheered up by a warm Winchester welcome.

April 21st 2004
Wreckless Eric
Such a legend and a great show but strangely few people turned up.

May 18th 2004
Charlemagne / Chris TT / Kate Stables
This was Noahjohn from Madison, Wisconsin. A sunny day for some sunny music.

May 27th 2004
Peter Bruntnell and James Walbourne
The duo enthralled a packed house.

September 16th 2004
Richmond Fontaine
Our biggest coup so far. Gig of the week in the Independent and our first advance sellout.

September 21st 2004
Laura Veirs and the Tortured Souls
The beginning of a love affair with Laura’s music.

February 24th 2005
Deadstring Brothers / Thee Exciters
One of the wildest nights we have had. Edgy atmosphere.

February 27th 2005
Laura Veirs / Gina Villalobos / Black Nielson
Another advance sellout, partly thanks to Bob Harris. Not bad value for £6!

April 22nd 2005
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express / Mark Mallman
An unforgettable experience for everyone present, including the artists!

April 26th 2005
Ben Weaver Band / Harvey Bros / Joe Rathbone
A filthy Tuesday night, so not too well attended, but Ben and band were fantastic.

April 29th 2005
Sarah Sharp / Whalebone Polly
A reprise of our June 2003 show, with Sarah on even better form. Whalebone Polly would later develop into This Is The Kit.

May 5th 2005
Peter Bruntnell Band / Stocks and Powell / Black Nielson
Arguably our best show so far. Black Neilsen later developed into Co-Pilgrim. The B rungtnell BAnd fetured James Walbourne, later to be recognised as one of the world’s greatest guitarists.

May 15th 2005
The Resentments / Blue Book Park
We turned the Railway into the Saxon Pub for this Austin supergroup. This was why we started sxsc in the first place, so it was a dream come true.

July 14th 2005
Richmond Fontaine / Amazing Pilots / Blue Book Park
Don’t tell anyone, but they exceeded the curfew by 35 minutes! And a big shout out to Blue Book Park, who ably supported at both these shows.

July 26th 2005
Old Crow Medicine Show
OCMS didn’t need a support act, they played for two hours – and a (yet again) packed house experienced the kind of gig that goes down in history.

August 28th 2005
Stocks and Powell / Pete Harvey / Sara Fawcitt
Our summer party – S&P were on fine form and we all galumphed home made cake. Musical help came from a massively hungover (but very funny) Pete Harvey and Sara Fawcitt.

September 22nd 2005
John Parish / Michael Gale / Sine Star Project
A rapt audience was entranced by three sets of intelligent and gripping music.

October 7th 2005
Deadstring Brothers / Christopher Rees
Our first meeting with Chris the Welsh Wizard.

October 13th 2005
Mark Mulcahy / Last Harbour
A John Peel Day special – Last Harbour redefined the phrase ‘brooding intensity’ and the legend that is Mark Mulcahy rocked the house with Teenage Kicks.

Saturday 12th November 2005
Peter Bruntnell Band / Jim Jones / Blue Book Park
Sold Out. Bruntnell and Co were the best yet and both Jim Jones and BBP were excellent.

Tuesday 6th December 2005
Amy Rigby / Bob Collum / Luke Doucet
Not only were Amy and Bob great fun but, in Luke Doucet, we might have seen the future of Rock ‘n’ Roll…

Sunday 29th January 2006
Eileen Rose / Gilbert French
Nice chilled evening with Eileen and guitarist Seth Goodman, who unwittingly took a taxi all the way from Winchester train station to the Railway Inn!

Saturday 4th February 2006
Americana Triple Bill
Quality show from Steve Dawson, Bill Mallonee and our old friends the Amazing Pilots.

Tuesday 14th February 2006
Neal Casal / Danny George Wilson
Much swooning in the aisles for this Valentine’s Special. We hoped to get Neal back but it was not to be.

Tuesday 28th March 2006
Mark Gardener / Paperlung
Ex-Ride vocalist, ably supported by the new band from Sice (Boo Radleys).

Friday 7th April 2006

Broken Family Band / Jon Amor
A total (very drunken) blast, way up there with our best-ever shows. And a complete advance sell-out.

Tuesday 18th April 2006
The Storys / Jason McNiff / Rosalie Deighton
A stellar line-up. The Storys were just about to set out on a support tour with Elon John!

Tuesday 25th April 2006
Deadstring Brothers / Bullycats
Neither of them let us down.

Saturday 29th April 2006
John Parish / Ox / Co-Pilgrim
JP and band were on top form again, plus both the supports were excellent. Yet another bargain triple bill.

Tuesday 30th May 2006
Mary Lee’s Corvtte / Luke Doucet / Gracie
Luke was brilliant, Gracie were a revelation and Mary Lee brought along a great backing band called Smash Palace.

Wednesday 7th June 2006
Rachelle van Zanten / Jason McNiff / Owen Tromans
We may just have put of the first UK show by a future Canadian megastar.

Friday 15th September 2006
Stewboss / Blue Book Park
Very cool dudes were Stewboss, and they went down a storm.

Tuesday 3rd October 2006
Eileen Rose Band / Darren Black / Gracie
Eileen back and this time she brought her band.

Sunday 8th October 2006
Patty Hurst Shifter / Good Time Charlies
Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll. The Shifter kicked serious butt and the Charlies were stunning.

Saturday 28th October 2006
Peter Bruntnell Band / Rachelle Van Zanten
Rachelle won many new fans and Pete sold out again.

Sunday 19th November 2006
The Resentments
The Resentments played for close to three hugely entertaining hours.

Wednesday 22nd November 2006
The Drams / Jon Amor
The Drams may well have been the loudest band we’ve ever had. Country with a post-hardcore edge.

Tuesday 19th December 2006
Mark Eitzel / Gracie / Blue Book Park
Mark played for an hour and it was about the most perfect set you could ever experience.

Sunday 11 February 2007
Richmond Fontaine / Endrick Brothers
Quite a night then.

Tuesday 27 February 2007
Justin Rutledge / Jason McNiff / Owen Tromans
Great supports and a great headliner. Justin was über-cool and a big hit with the ladies.

Saturday 12 May 2007
Jesse Sykes / J Tillman
Another top night and almost a sell-out too. We’ll draw a veil over the antics of the future Fleet Foxes drummer (Father John Misty).

Tuesday 15 May 2007
Elliott Brood / Doug Hoekstra / Co Pilgrim
A cracking night with Elliott Brood being a trio we resolved to bring back many more times.

Sunday 20 May 2007
Richmond Fontaine / Bob Frank & John Murry at the Taing Heads, Southampton.
Our first non-Railway gig. RF were as mighty as always and Bob and Frank were indescribable. In a good way.

Tuesday 19 June 2007
Endrick Brothers
A lovely evening with Stirling’s finest.

Tuesday 4 September 2007
Polly Paulusma / Gracie
We left our comfort zone and introduced the “Parisian Café Ambience” (often reprised since). An emotional and very different show.

Tuesday 18 September 2007
Redlands Palamino Company
A solid audience for the UK alt-country band.

Wednesday 3 October 2007
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express / Bob Frank and John Murry at the Talking Heads, Southampton
This famous show nearly featured our first murder, as John Murry attempted to strangle tour manager Jan. Exciting stuff!

Sunday 7 October 2007
Six Shooter Triple Barrel tour
This was Luke Doucet, Justin Rutledge and NQ Arbuckle from Canada. A fantastic night, only marred by the inexplicably small turnout.

Sunday 11 November 2007
Peter Bruntnell and the Murder of Crows / Ox
The debut of Peter’s fabulous new psychedelic trio.

Thursday 17 January 2008
Kill Henry Sugar / Tali Trow and the Wellbeing
Joan Baez’s backing band! They were fantastic and very different, and ably supported by Tali, the pride of the Isle of Wight.

Thursday 7 February 2008
Dead Rock West / Stewboss
A truly rocking night from California.

Saturday 9 February 2008
Kathleen Haskard / The Family
Our opportunity to meet a great young country band from Southampton – who’d have thought it? There was a generation gap at this show, but somehow it worked.

Sunday 17 February 2008
Deadstring Brothers / The Family
Quick return from the Family.

Thursday 17 April 2008
Centro-Matic / South San Gabriel
The two best bands in Texas on the same bill. Centro-matic was an example of the reason sxsc was set up.

Tuesday 22 April 2008
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express / Willy Vlautin and Paul Brainard
All our dreams come true! Plus in the afternoon, Willy did a book reading at the university.

Sunday 11 May 2008
Jesse Sykes and Phil Wandscher / Blue Book Park
Magical performance.

July 9th 2008
Laura Veirs at Winchester Discovery Centre
A new venue – previously known as “the Library”.

August 1st 2008
Ian McLagan and the Bump Band, Peter Bruntnell
Words can hardly convey the joy of this evening.

September 2nd 2008
The Autumn Defense / Plush
These Wilco members were rather upstaged by the extraordinary support.

September 16th 2008
American Music Club, Peter Bruntnell
We had emails from people saying this was the greatest night of their lives, and who could disagree?

October 22nd 2008
Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland
A marriage made in heaven. Why aren’t these two huge?

October 25th 2008
Deadstring Brothers
Quite a wild night.

October 2nd 2008
The Sadies
Brilliant Toronto road warriors. We’ve never seen a band sweat so much.

November 7th 2008
Peter Bruntnell, Jeb Loy Nichols, Michael Weston King
At the Discovery Centre. This one was hysterically funny for all the wrong reasons.

January 8th 2009
Ben Weaver / Jane Bartholomew
Ben on good form.

February 29th 2009
Elliot Brood
Canadian hellraisers back for more fun.

March 10th 2009
Peter Bruntell Band/Emily Barker
Packed and groovy.

April 11th 2009
Kill Henry Sugar / Ryan O’Reilly
Native New Yorkers.

May 12th 2009
Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland
Celebrating Melissa’s album release.

July 28th 2009
Some of the most impressive guitar playing we’ve seen.

September 6th 2009
SXSC Festival
Richmond Fontaine
Peter Bruntnell
Beatnik Filmstars
Ryan O’Reilly
Chris TT
Whalebone Polly
Jim Jones
Jason McNiff
Owen Tromans
SXSC House Band
An experiment – and it worked.

September 29th 2009
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express / Franz Nicolay
Rammed to the gills.

October 6th 2009
Mark Eitzel at the Tower Arts Centre
Mark in lounge lizard mode with Marc Capelle on grand piano.

November 22nd 2009
Charlotte Hatherley
Not our usual stye but a stormer nonetheless.

February 13th 2010
The Coal Porters
The nearest we could get to the Long Ryders.

February 27th 2010
Richmond Fontaine
The famous “double show” where they did a matinée and an evening show – both sold out. We were graced by the presence of legendary rock journalist Allan Jones.

April 18th 2010
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
We’d scarcely heard of her but the show was fantastic.

May 5th 2010
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express
Loud and proud.

June 12th 2010
Rachelle van Zanten
Big in Winchester! We loved this Canadian slide guitarist (who now is a farmer).

July 18th 2010
Giant Sand
At the Tower. Another ambition achieved, still not sure how we managed to secure this show.

August 8th 2010
Oliver’s favourite band from Austin (at the time). Not necessarily to the taste of all our audience!

August 18th 2010
Simone Felice
A massive sell-out and super-intense.

September 5th 2010
SXSC Festival
Sam Baker
Elliott Brood
Peter Bruntnell
Danny and the Champions of the World
Chris T-T’s Hoodrats
Haunted Stereo
Emily Barker
Jim Jones
Ryan O’Reilly
Festival Number two!

September 24th 2010
Justin Rutledge / Amelia Curran
Lovely evening but sadly under-supported.

October 2nd 2010
Eilen Jewell
Winchester debut for respected country artist.

October 19th 2010
Luke Doucet
Luke visits with a band.

November 29th 2010
The Sadies
Even cooler than the last time.

December 12th 2010
Stephanie Finch and the Company Men / Kelley Stoltz

Started the gig dry outside and at the end, there were six inches of snow – magical.

February 3rd 2011
Dolly Varden / Dolorean
Nice to have Dolly Varden for the first time and a real thrill to add Dolorean to the bill at the last moment.

March 3rd 2011
Dead Rock West
Storming set but most of the rest of their tour was blighted by illness – they assure us our chilli wasn’t to blame.

March 30th 2011
Peter Bruntnell Band
Even more wild and wonderful than ever, with Pete and James Walbourne on fire.

April 11th 2011
Simone Felice
Simone in the Attic = three standing ovations.

April 17th 2011
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter / Richard Warren
One of our most intense and moving shows ever.

May 20th 2011
Hurray For The Riff Raff
That happy coincidence of booking a cool act when they are still affordable.

July 20th 2011
Willy Vlautin and Dan Eccles
“Acoustic Richmond Fontaine” storm the Attic.

August 8th 2011
Ian McLagan
Beautiful evening from the master.

September 7th 2011
Sam Baker
Sam charmed the audience and so did support KC McKanzie.

September 18th 2011
SXSC Festival
Richmond Fontaine
Danny and the Champions Of The World
Peter Bruntnell Band
Laura Gibson
The Lucky Strikes
The Caves
Anya McClosky
Festival Number three!

October 9th 2011
israel Nash Gripka

October 15th 2011
Alejandro Escovedo
An honour to have a legend playing our little venue.

October 23rd 2011
Singing Adams
A lot less wild (thank goodness) than the legendary Broken Family Band gig, but great!

November 6th 2011
Richard Buckner
Super evening with one of our favourite artists. His first UK show in 8 years.

November 8th 2011
Eilen Jewell Band
A welcome return.

January 31st 2012
Whitehorse / Small Town Jones
Luke and Melissa’s new incarnation plus our friend Jim Jones.

February 14th 2012
Danny and the Champions Of The World
A rockin’ Valentines night.

February 18th 2012
The Deep Dark Woods
An inspiration. First-ever UK show by an incredible band.

February 22nd 2012
Lucky Strikes / Ox
Southend’s finest plus a welcome return from Canada’s OX.

March 7th 2012
Peter Bruntnell Band / The Caves
A storming evening of course.

April 6th 2012
Simone Felice Group / Simi Stone
A rapt, sold-out audience experienced songs from the maestro’s new album.

April 8th 2012
Laura Gibson
Impromptu performance in the Swiss Cottage.

April 14th 2012
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express / Small Town Jones
Two sold-out shows in one day. Mind boggling on many levels!

May 1st 2012
Richmond Fontaine Duo / Richard Buckner / Peter Bruntnell
All our dreams come true!

July 1st 2012
Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys / Amy Speace
A rockin’ triumph!

September 9th 2012
The fourth sxsc Festival
Mark Eitzel
Dan Stuart
Hurray For The Riff Raff
Boo Hewerdine
Danny Champ
Sacri Cuori
Benjamin Folke Thomas
Thrilling and nerve-wracking as usual.
We pulled it off, just.

September 20th 2012
Malcolm Holcombe / Neil Halstead
Pure genius.

September 30th 2012
Slim Chance
The spirit of Ronnie Wood.

October 5th 2012
Tom Paley at the Discovery Centre
A departure, and a successful one.

October 16th 2012
Sam Baker
Texan poet on top form.

October 24th 2012
The Mastersons plus Hymn For Her
Masterful performance and a great support act too.

November 4th 2012
Amazing guitar wizardry.

November 11th 2012
Small Town Jones
We love Jim.

November 25th 2012
Elliott Brood
Storming stuff.

February 22nd 2013
Robert Vincent / Benjamin Folke Thomas / Jack Day
Strong triple bill.

February 26th 2013
Couldn’t resist having them back.

March 9th 2013
The Coal Porters / Dave Harding
Cool Attic bluegrass session.

April 29th 2013
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express at The Cellar in Southampton
The infamous “stolen notebook” gig.

May 3rd 2013
The Deep Dark Woods
Very chuffed to get them back.

May 11th 2013
Hurray For The Riff Raff
Sold out and fun.

May 12th 2013
Hiss Golden Messenger / William Tyler
Two gigs in two days. Atmospheric show.

May 24th 2013
Ginger Baker
We were star-struck and slightly intimidated, but he was charming.

May 30th 2013
Stiv Cantarelli and the Silent Strangers
Welcome debut.

July 11th 2013
Andy Fraser / Chris Spedding
Star-struck again but a very strange show indeed.

July 27th 2013
Simone Felice

August 28th 2013
The Hoax
Happy to grab a reunion date. All other venues were much bigger.

September 5th 2013
Bob Lind
Elusive legend.

September 8th 2013
The final sxsc Festival
John Murry
John Parish
Andy Burrows
Emily Barker
Chris T-T
Peter Bruntnell
Small Town Jones
Thrilling and nerve-wracking as usual.

September 17th 2013
Benjamin Folke-Thomas / Patrick Duff
Our favourite Swede plus the enigmatic singer from Strangelove.

November 2nd 2013
Grant Hart
It scarcely seemed possible that we had the drummer from Hüsker Dü in the Attic. And a true gentleman he was too.

November 15th 2013
The Coal Porters
The return of our favourite bluegrassers.

December 3rd 2013
Danny And The Champions Of The World
A packed house for the soulful Londoners.

January 15th 2014
Peter Bruntnell / Danny George Wilson / Neil Halstead
This experimental triple “in the round” bill was a big success.

February 10th 2014
The Deep Dark Woods
A welcome return for Saskatoon’s finest.

February 16th 2014
Austin Lucas
Punk-folk poet entrances the Attic.

March 1st 2014
John Murry
Our best friend sacrificed his day off to play a spellbinding show in the Attic.

March 2nd 2014
Kelley Stoltz
The cheerful San Franciscan rocked the Barn. Good support from Flight Brigade as well.

March 4th 2014
Sons Of Bill
A new band to us, from Virginia. Pulled a good crowd and created a great atmosphere. Pity the new sound man didn’t know how to switch off the dry ice machine.

April 18th 2014
Malcolm Holcombe

April 26th 2014
Dan Stuart
The Green On Red man was backed by the inimitable Antonio Gramentieri of Sacri Cuori.

June 11th 2014
The Delines
A sell-out. So good that Oliver felt compelled to go on the road with them for a few days!

July 6th 2014
Ian McLagan
Such a thrill to have a total legend playing in a packed Attic.

July 24th 2014

Hans Chew
First visit from charismatic boogie pianist.

September 7th 2014
sc4m Festival
Danny and the Champions Of The World
The Rails
The Travelling Band
Peter Bruntnell
Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra
Patrick Duff
Hot Fet
Fraught as usual (the Railway was on the point of closure) but triumph was grasped from the jaws of disaster.

October 12th 2014
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express
Slightly tense because there was a problem with the keyboard but Chuck pulled it off with his customary professionalism.

October 19th 2014
Sarah Borges / Girls Guns and Glory
One of our best ever shows – they were fantastic. Sadly, hardly anyone came and we were left questioning whether this was all worthwhile.

November 4th 2014
The Mastersons
Excellent Attic show from Steve Earle backing Austinites.

November 13th 2014
The Delines at Winchester Discovery Centre
Beautiful evening. The sound engineer (who messed up the piano sound)went on to be lighting director for Mumford And Sons and Beyoncé.

November 23rd 2014
Simone Felice
Atmospheric evening with the Catskills troubadour.

January 30th 2015
The Barr Brothers / This Is The Kit
Honoured that this fantastic band was willing to play in our little venue.

February 15th 2015
Sons Of Bill
Packed and sweaty.

February 19th 2015
Frontier Ruckus
Supported by the excellent Austin Lucas.

April 19th 2015
Mark Olson
Slightly downbeat because they’d been robbed in Brighton the night before.

April 26th 2015
Ryan Boldt / Kacy And Clayton
Lovely double bill from Saskatoon.

May 9th 2015
Cale Tyson / Ags Connolly
Country music!

June 5th 2015
Chuck Prophet And The Mission Express at the Joiners in Southampton
The beginning of a long and very unpleasant episode concerning photography.

July 2nd 2015
Jace Everett
A new artist to us and a very successful show.

September 13th 2015
sc4m Festival
Great Lake Swimmers
Andrew Combs
The Coal Porters
Peter Bruntnellr
The Dreaming Spires
Barna Howard
Roberty Vincent
It all worked out just great! Plus the legendary Bonnie Dobson put in an unannounced appearance.

October 8th 2015
The Rails
Our old friend James Walbourne with his wife Kami Thompson. The house was rocked!

October 14th 2015
Simone Felice
Back for more with great support from Anna Mitchell.

October 29th 2015
Dan Baird and Homemede Sin
Been waiting for this a long time – good and LOUD!

November 2nd 2015
Robyn Hitchcock
One of the the best shows we have ever put on. He played “Winchester” and we all melted. Sadly there was a misunderstanding about VAT which got us blacklisted by the agent!

November 11th 2015
Simi Stone
Soul from the Catskill Mountains with great support from Dan Whitehouse.

November 21st 2015
Frankie Lee
A new county star in the making.

December 3rd 2015
Peter Bruntnell Band / The Buffalo Riot
Pete on paintstripping form with guest Dave Bouquist. Excellent support from Liverpool as well.

December 13th 2015
The Wiyos
Some rootsy folk to finish the year off.

January 22nd 2016
John Parish Band / Nadine Khouri
A lucky show for us as John was to spend the rest of the year touring with PJ Harvey. Great support too.

March 7th 2016
The Brothers Landreth
A new band to us and a cool sellout!

May 5th 2016
Barna Howard
We were away but our friend Andy looked after the show and all went swimmingly!

June 17th 2016
Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra in the Swiss Cottage
A dramatic and soulful evening.

June 21st 2016
Delta Saints
A slightly fraught evening for administrative reasons, but the band were fantastic and it was their first ever UK show.

September 11th 2016
SC4M Festival
John Murry
Andrew Combs
Lewis and Leigh
This Is The Kit
Robert Vincent
Small Town Jones
Nothing to report – it all went swimmingly!

October 1Oth 2016
Miranda Mulholland in the Swiss Cottage
Simone solo this time. With Tali Trow.

October 13th 2016
Simone Felice
Simone solo this time. Intense as ever.

November 7th 2016
Cale Tyson / Erin Rae
Fast-rising young country stars.

November 16th 2016
Robert Ellis
A Texan revelation!

December 15th 2016
Peter Bruntnell / Robert Vincent
Double bill from heaven.

February 4th 2017:
The Mastersons in the Swiss Cottage;
So popular that we did two shows and sold both out. Great support from Anthony D’Amato as well.

February 8th 2017
Joey Landreth / Phil King
Intimate evening in The Attic.

February 15th 2017
Karl Blau
Great to welcome Karl back as he has been with us almost from the beginning.

February 18th 2017
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express
Faultless! The next morning they were on national TV.

February 28 2017:
Benjamin Folke Thomas
Ben’s birthday bash.

March 4th 2017:
Lewis and Leigh in the Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Rising stars, with great support from Lucas and King, new local duo.

March 23rd 2017
Hurray For The Riff Raff
A very different band but a storming, sold out show.

March 25th 2017
Jonny Fritz / Joshua Hedley in the Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Full of character and fun.

July 8th 2017
Billy Walton Band
A sideways step with some blazing blues. Support from new band Curse Of Lono.

July 21st 2017
Joey Landreth, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Arguably the biggest star we’ve had in the cottage. Supported by Tali Trow.

September 10th 2017
The final sc4m Festival
Emily Barker
Peter Bruntnell
Benjamin Folke Thomas
Joana Serrat
Curse Of Lono
Robert Chaney
Vera van Heeringen
This was to be the last of our little festivals. They simply didn’t make financial sense any more. A nice way to go out, with great performances from Emily Barker etc.

October 12th 2017
Dan Whitehouse / Jess Morgan, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
First cottage show for a while and very cosy it was.

November 1st 2017
Jesse Dayton
The beginning of a hectic gig season and it was a stormer, with a great guitarist from Austin.

November 2nd 2017
Dream Syndicate, The 1865, Southampton
I helped to promote this one and was really sad and embarrassed that the venue lost money because of the poor turnout. Still one of the best gigs of the year for me, musically speaking.

December 13th 2017
Elliott Brood
Such a joy to have our Albertan friends back. A good turnout too, and support from the fast-rising Lucas and King.

January 28th 2018
Nice evening but they seemed a bit tired after a gruelling tour.

January 31st 2018
The Barr Brothers
They kept their word and returned after having had to cancel a previous date. Such a privilege, the ultimate “big band in a little venue” experience. The audience was dumbfounded by the band’s brilliance.

February 2nd 2018:
The Americans
I wasn’t sure what to expect but they turned out to be an ace rocking band and super-nice people too.

February 10th 2018
BJ Cole and Emily Burridge, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Our first-ever classical concert.

March 4th 2018:
Kelley Stoltz
Storming set from our San Franciscan friends plus support The Probes.

May 16th 2018
The Deep Dark Woods
There had been some controversy about the new line-up but we loved them. Sold out, too, with support from Kacy and Clayton.

May 20th 2018
The Rails
Always great to welcome back James Walbourne, as he played some of our earliest shows.

June 9th 2018
Benjamin Folke Thomas, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
A wild night, of course!

July 3rd 2018
The Americans
We had them back for a quick return. Although it was financially destroyed by the World Cup, they still did a great show to a small audience.

July 6th 2018
Vera Van Heeringen, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
The heatwave meant we did this one alfresco. Good support set from Christopher Rees.

July 14th 2018
sc4m Stage at Rhythmtree Festival, Isle Of Wight
An entirely new venture for us, replacing the traditional September festival. It was a beautiful and successful event.

September 8th 2018
Oliver’s Birthday Concert, Twyford Parish Hall
Starring The Sense, Lucas And King, John Murry and Chuck Prophet

October 26th 2018
Robyn Hitchcock
Months in the planning, it worked out brilliantly.

October 28th 2018
Kim Richey and Ben Glover
Super, relaxed singer-songwriter concert.

November 2nd 2018
Ian Felice
Nearly a sell-out and a lovely vibe.

November 9th 2018
Allan Jones, Lucas and King, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Book reading and Q and A. An experiment that worked.

November 15th 2018
Peter Bruntnell and BJ Cole
A swift return and arguably even better than last time.

November 16th 2018
William The Conqueror
Funky! First of a short series of “co-promotes” with the Railway.

November 22nd 2018
Curse Of Lono
Another co-promote. Unfortunately people talked throughout and I didn’t have the authority to shut them up! So n more co-promotes after this.

November 24th 2018
Benjamin Folke-Thomas
Ben on fine form presenting his new album with a new band.

December 1st 2018
Dan Stuart and Tom Heyman, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Two legendary road warriors on storming form at the end of a four week tour.

January 26th 2019
Andrew Combs and Charlie Whitten
Nashville luminaries.

February 1st 2019
Amy Speace, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
She just made it through the snowdrifts.

February 3rd 2019
The Delines
Blissful double show – both sold out.

February 10th 2019
Laura Veirs / Sam Amidon
Another blissful double show – another two sellouts.

February 27th 2019
Kacy and Clayton
Our (equal) favourite Canucks.

March 27th 2019
Bennett Wilson Poole
Groovy harmonies.

April 13th 2019
John Blek, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
An absolute delight from one of Ireland’s finest songwriters.

April 18th 2019
Jerry Leger And The Situation
Took a chance on a new artist and it was a handsome success.

July 23rd 2019
Jesse Dayton
Great turnout for Texan guitar maestro.

July 25th 2019
Robyn Hitchcock, Parish Hall, Twyford
Hot music on the hottest day of the year.

September 5th 2019
Frankie Lee / Native Harrow
Loose label double bill.

September 10th 2019
Mark Mulcahy
Thirteen years since his first Railway appearance.

September 12th 2019
Peter Bruntnell Band
Packed and sweaty.

October 5th 2019
Danny George Wilson / Lucy Kitchen, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Cosy and fun.

October 15th 2019
Curse Of Lono / John Murry
A stormer!

October 25th 2019
The Rails
Full band show. They’d been having a bit of a strange tour and I think this cheered them up.

November 2nd 2019
Carter Sampson, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Great music from Oklahoma.

November 2nd 2019
Erin Rae
Absolutely beautiful.

November 22nd 2019
William The Conqueror
Dance extravaganza.

January 24th 2020
Native Harrow, Swiss Cottage, Twyford
Quite a scoop.

February 4th 2020
Kacy and Clayton plus Arborist
They were flu-ridden but still came up with the goods.

March 12th 2020
Jesse Malin

It was tremendously exciting to have such a great star blowing away the Railway but bitter-sweet because it was a last hurrah before Covid put a stop to all gigs for the time being.

February 11th 2022
Sarah McQuaid, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
Our first venture into church gigs with this appealing US singer based in Cornwall.

March 29th 2022
Elliott Brood
Apparently a great show but I was in bed with Covid!

April 12th 2022
David Ramirez
A new artist to us but a dramatic and emotional show.

April 26th 2022
Curse Of Lono plus Lucas and King
Good turn-out for old pals with a new line-up.

May 4th 2022
Jerry Leger and the Situation
Extremely enjoyable return visit from Canadian troubadour.

June 19th 2022
The Felice Brothers
Two brilliant shows in one day – we’re truly back!

June 24th 2022
Emma Swift with Robyn Hitchcock in the Swiss Cottage
Two shows again – everyone loved Emma’s innovative Dylan interpretations.

July 6th 2022
Kelley Stoltz
Kelley said it was in the top ten shows he’s ever done – and he’s done a lot of shows.

July 18th 2022
The Delines, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
A challenge turned into a triumph – never to be forgotten.

August 25th 2022
Andrew Combs
We loved his new style, and the support Malin Pettersen.

September 7th 2022
Diana Jones, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
Celebrating Oliver’s birthday.

September 15th 2022
Anna Ash with Michael J Sheehy in the Swiss Cottage
Gorgeous way to end the summer.

October 2nd 2022
Danny George Wilson
Performing his great new album.

October 14th 2022
John Blek, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
Small turnout but lovely vibe.

October 20th 2022
Ryan Hamilton / Warner E. Hodges
Rocking double bill.

November 10th 2022
Jeffrey Foucault

November 17th 2022
Sarah Borges with Eric Ambel
Total fun and sublime musicianship.

November 20th 2022
Mary Gauthier, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
Biggest church show yet, a total sell-out.

November 26th 2022
Peter Bruntnell with Lou Kyme in the Swiss Cottage
Another double show. Oliver was upstairs in bed with flu, watching on his phone.

December 8th 2022
Plainsong, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
Totally star-struck to have Iain Matthews playing for us.

December 21st 2022
Hanging Stars
Cool psychedelia but Oliver was annoyed with the support band’s rowdy followers.

January 29th 2023
Grant-Lee Phillips
A big one for us, a very successful sell-out show.

February 24th 2023
Danny George Wilson with Polly Paulusma, St Mary’s Church, Twyford
This was an experiment (and freezing cold!) but it worked really well.

March 4th 2023
Native Harrow in the Swiss Cottage
A nice return visit. We also loved support Maz O’Connor.

April 18th 2023
Elliott Brood
Lovely to welcome our old Canadian friends back at last, ably supported by local artist Rob Clamp.

June 14th 2023
Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express, The 1865, Southampton
A co-promotion and a triumphant return after illness for a completely brilliant artist and band. No disasters!

June 17th 2023
Carter Sampson and Amelia White in the Swiss Cottage
A double bill from Oklahoma and Nashville that worked really well.

July 7th 2023
Laura Cantrell at Twyford Church
Packed with loyal fans.

August 5th 2023
Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry in the Swiss Cottage
Our first electric cottage show and a humdinger it was.

September 15th 2023
Von Wildenhaus / Patrick Duff
We took a huge chance on this one and it worked out fine. Six people stayed over!

September 30th 2023
Grant-Lee Phillips in Twyford Church
The audience adored it and so did Grant.

October 7th 2023
John Murry with Lorraine Lucas in the Swiss Cottage
John had been having a difficult time but it turned out to be a triumphant and riotous night.

October 13th 2023
Seamus Fogarty in the Swiss Cottage
An intriguing artist. I’d been trying to book him for ages. Good storytelling.

November 1st 2023
Sarah Borges with Carol Hodge
Super-rockin’. The Railway at its absolute best. Six people stayed over again! But luckily they were all teetotal.

November 10th 2023
Wreckless Eric in the Swiss Cottage (2 shiows)
I had been slightly anxious about this one but it was a perfect evening in every way.