frankie Lee plus native harrow, september 5


Stillwater is a small town between two hills in the middle of America. Frankie Lee was born there and has been running from it and to it ever since.Stillwater is also a record about life in middle America. A “record” meaning simply that, converting sound into permanent form. This is the story of how that record came to be.

For the recording of the follow up to American Dreamer -“debutalbum of the year” Rolling Stone – Frankie Lee had visited a few studios and they all felt like the same big production factories. Lee wanted to get away from people who thought music should be made in isolation booths or that bigger was better. All the people who wanted the next big thing. Lee wanted the last little thing, he just had to find the right space to do it in.

Luckily, the house he grew up in was available. His mum hadlived in the same house in Stillwater for most of Lee’s life. So the band packed in their instruments, tuned the old upright piano and rolled out a tape machine next to the wood-burning stove. Music was made from morning till night.

For three days straight, they ate together, stayed together and played together. Lee describes his sound as “Western Music”, steel guitars and synths blend with acoustic guitars and omni chords.