Unless stated, our gigs take place at The Railway Inn, St Pauls Hill, Winchester.

The Barn is only 120 capacity – imagine your front room with a bar and a big PA – while the 60 capacity upstairs Acoustic Lounge is called The Attic.

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The venue is 5 minutes walk from the train station. If you’re arriving from London Waterloo (or other stations on that line) leave the platform and on your left there are some steps. Go down these, turn left, walk under the tracks, go up the next steps on your left, walk out of the door on your right, walk through the car park and the Railway Inn is just there, on your left, when you get to the end of the car park.

If you’re coming by train from Southampton (or other stations on that line) just leave the platform and go through the door in front of you into the car park. Then just follow what it says above.

Trains to Winchester leave London Waterloo at least once an hour and shows finish in time to catch the last trains to London Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Southampton etc.

Swiss Cottage shows are at a secret location in Twyford. If you receive an invitation, we’ll tell you how to get there. St Mary’sChurch in Twyford is pretty easy to locate.

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