SC4M FESTIVAL 2017, September 10

The eighth SC4M Festival is a special one.

When the first event was held in 2010, the format of a one-day Roots and Americana festival was a new one. It has proved so popular that the format has now become common, with a plethora of similar events popping up round the country. So it was time for a change, and the change takes the form of a Theme.

Organiser Oliver Gray says, “After the strange year we’ve had, I felt strongly that my support for international understanding should be reflected in the music. The theme of this year’s festival will therefore be Internationalism, with artists representing nine different countries.”

In another move away from the mainstream, Oliver wanted also to take a step back from the standard Americana image of blokes in plaid shirts and stetsons. “I m delighted to say that half of the artist playing this year are women, and that all of the artist are either exciting newcomers or musicians who have played at the Railway before and been invited back”.

The event takes place indoors, over two rooms at the Railway Inn and guarantees no mud and no clashes.

Tickets are on sale now at £32 (that’s less than £3 a band) from

Emily Barker band

Peter Bruntnell Band

Benjamin Folke Thomas

Joana Serrat

Curse of Lono

Lucas and King

Dan O’Farrell

Vera van Heeringen

Robert Chaney

Jonas and Jane