JOHN MURRY and band plus Lucas And King at Southampton Talking Heads, September 12

John Murry’s A Short History Of Decay – selection of reviews
‘A Short History Of Decay delivers in gloriously dysfunctional
bucketloads.’ – MOJO, 4/5
‘Allied with Murry’s melodious country rock and new wave sensibility, the results are rich in impact and surprise.’ Q, 4/5
‘Grief, divorce and exile inspire more gems of burnt, bruised
Americana.’ – UNCUT, 8/10
‘The narrative template of a disquieting, persuasive record that looks into its soul and doesn’t like what it sees.’ – IRISH TIMES
‘Musical collaborators have given Murry’s captivating songs compelling and emphatic backdrops.’ – DAILY MIRROR
‘The songs are powerful, but Murry’s dark world-view is delivered with wit.’ – SUNDAY TIMES
‘The ghost of Warren Zevon hangs over proceedings, from the black humour snaking through the lyrics to the baritone, world-weary vocals.’ – MORNING STAR
‘A beautiful rumination on mortality that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hugely impressive.’ HOT PRESS
‘His voice, a mixture of Chuck Prophet and Evan Dando, delivers a mix of gallows humour and self recrimination.’ – DAILY EXPRESS
‘The songs are peppered with sonic asides, a wayward organ here, a guitar hum there, that add to Murry’s intense lyrics and his Saturnine Southern voice.’ AMERICANA UK
‘Producer Mike Timmins has made it all hang together beautifully and creates an aural fog that you’re happy to be lost in. – GIGSOUP
‘The longer you spend in the darkness with him, the more beauty you’ll see.’ – COUNTRY MUSIC MAGAZINE
‘With repeated trips through Short History of Decay, the gradual familiarity carves a path towards a deeper appreciation of John Murry’s tortured art, and for the jumbled, raw setting that ultimately compliments his overall vision.’ – ROUTES AND BRANCHES
‘Resonates with claustrophobic doom’ – R2 MAGAZINE
‘This is another impressive album from John Murry. Maybe it will let him escape murky waters this time around and get him the recognition he deserves.’ – SPILL MAGAZINE
‘There is more than a touch of Cave’s brooding darkness about Murry, whose rumbling voice and preoccupation with mortality place him in a genre somewhere between Mark Lanegan and Mark Linkous.’ -THE QUIETUS

NADINE KHOURI and guests in the Swiss Cottage, December 1

To order tickets, please go to the Swiss Cottage Sessions page.

“Meditative, spectral dreamscapes … extraordinary voice: a fragile, sensuous instrument” – MOJO

“Lush, dreamy songwriting with a gilded edge… Deliciously moody.” – CLASH

“A pocket-sized book of lullabies, and gothic shanties, whose sounds and lyrics evoke a series of wondrous daydreams and sorrowful, mood-filled, late-night tales.” – Drowned in Sound

“Nadine Khouri has always had the ability to make quietness and subtlety sound huge and mean more than it possibly could… The overwhelming breathless cool of Nadine’s voice is something that you cannot go without hearing.” – The 405

“Stunning – sometimes the strongest words are softly spoken.” – Tasty Fanzine

“A gravely, female voice sings modern, alternative torch-songs and the atmosphere is so mesmerizing, so fascinating you wish this late night moment would last forever.” – Cracked Reviews

“Khouri’s effortlessly powerful voice curls around the music, which at times can go from a skeletal finger-picked guitar swooping up to loop-based experimentalism. The themes are of traveling and the love-loss casualties along the road, and the songwriting here tells of a spirit at home on the road to the perfect song.” – Rough Trade

Jesse Dayton Band at the Railway, November 1

Dayton’s pedigree is not only impressive, but varied, to say the least. He played all of the lead guitar on Waylon Jennings record Right For The Time and on Ray Prices’ record Prisoner of Love. He’s also recorded with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Johnny Bush and played live with Kris Kristofferson. Dayton played the lead parts alongside his personal hero Glen Campbell, right after Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His exploits are not solely within the country genre either, Dayton has jokingly declared onstage, “The Clash & X saved me from going to Foghat concerts!”   So it’s not surprising that he ended up playing guitar on the Supersuckers biggest selling record Must’ve Been High, which frontman Eddie Spaghetti admits was directly influenced by Dayton himself. Dayton ended up producing and playing all of the guitars on Eddie’s solo record, The Value of Nothing and also appears on the new Supersuckers record Get The Hell. After touring with Mike Ness from Social Distortion, then playing with punk icon John Doe from the band X, (the two appeared on David Letterman), Dayton got the call to play guitar for X on the bands entire North American Tour, filling in for Billy Zoom while he was in cancer treatment.

DREAM SYNDICATE at the 1865 in Southampton, November 2

“We have a new record coming out in September.

Yes, the first album by The Dream Syndicate since we released “Ghost Stories” back in 1988. It will be released on ANTI, one of the cooler labels out there.

What can we tell you about the new record?

Well, let’s see. It’s true to our history, a bounty of gifts for everyone who’s been there since the old days and yet unlike anything we ever did before. It’s a post-millennial existential screed that feels like RIGHT NOW and at the same time a timeless joyous thrill ride. It’s psychedelic, it’s rocking, it’s garage, it’s classic, it’s indie and it’s even a soul and jazz record in the most literal sense, a sonic and emotional journey to the deepest recesses of your mind. It’s what we do on stage and yet it’s brand new. Most of all, we dig it. A lot.”

Peter Bruntnell Trio featuring BJ Cole and Danny Williams, October 24

NME claimed that “Peter Bruntnell’s records should be taught in schools”, and if you ask the likes of Rumer, Peter Buck, Scott Mccaughey, Willy Vlautin, Jay Farrar, John Murry or Kathleen Edwards, they’ll all agree that Peter Bruntnell is a writer with rare and mysterious qualities. It’s interesting that American musicians are so seduced by such a uniquely British artist, and Peter has toured extensively with Son Volt, Kathleen Edwards and Richmond Fontaine.

Peter’s restless musical spirit has seen him strike out in new direction with almost every subsequent album. Four albums for Loose continued to win him admirers – by 2005, The Independent were calling him “one of the finest songwriters in Britain” and Richmond Fontaine’s front man Willy Vlautin called him his favourite singer – and 2016’s Nos Da Comrade has won plaudits worldwide.

This show is an acoustic trio featuring the legendary pedal steel player BJ Cole.

This year’s shows

We had a cluster of shows to kick off 2017 and they’ve been amazing. The Mastersons (2 shows, sold out), Karl Blau (a superb evening and a good crowd) and Chuck Prophet (words about the brilliance of this fail me). Then we had a birthday extravaganza with Ben Folke-Thomas and a humdinger with Hurray For The Riff Raff, before taking quite a lengthy break from Railway shows. Both Lewis and Leigh and Jonny Fritz sold out the Swiss Cottage. Now we are working away on the sc4m Festival for September 10. It’s never easy, but we are getting there!

SC4M FESTIVAL 2017, September 10

The eighth SC4M Festival is a special one.

When the first event was held in 2010, the format of a one-day Roots and Americana festival was a new one. It has proved so popular that the format has now become common, with a plethora of similar events popping up round the country. So it was time for a change, and the change takes the form of a Theme.

Organiser Oliver Gray says, “After the strange year we’ve had, I felt strongly that my support for international understanding should be reflected in the music. The theme of this year’s festival will therefore be Internationalism, with artists representing nine different countries.”

In another move away from the mainstream, Oliver wanted also to take a step back from the standard Americana image of blokes in plaid shirts and stetsons. “I m delighted to say that half of the artist playing this year are women, and that all of the artist are either exciting newcomers or musicians who have played at the Railway before and been invited back”.

The event takes place indoors, over two rooms at the Railway Inn and guarantees no mud and no clashes.

Tickets are on sale now at £32 (that’s less than £3 a band) from

12.30 – 1.00 BARN Dan O’Farrell (UK)
1.15 – 1.45 ATTIC Vera van Heeringen (Holland)
2.00 – 2.30 BARN Lucas and King (UK)
2.45 – 3.15 ATTIC Robert Chaney (US)
3.30 – 4.05 BARN The Ba (UK)
4.20 – 4.55 ATTIC Jonas and Jane (UK)
5.05 – 5.45 BARN Curse of Lono (Germany/UK/Spain)
5.55 – 6.35 ATTIC John Murry (US/Ireland)
6.50 – 7.30 ATTIC Joana Serrat (Spain)
7.40 – 8.35 BARN Peter Bruntnell (New Zealand/Devon)
8.45 – 9.35 ATTIC Benjamin Folke Thomas (Sweden)
9.45 – 10.45 BARN Emily Barker (Australia)


ZANDER out now!

Oliver Gray’s day job is writing school text books and non-fiction items, but his hobby is promoting live shows by visiting roots artists from the US and Canada. When contemplating his first foray into fiction, he was advised to “write about what you know about”. It’s therefore no surprise that “Zander” is set in the world of small-time music promotion.

When American roots musician Corey Zander sets out on his first UK tour, things start badly and rapidly get worse. Not even his drug-strewn rock and roll past could prepare him for the violence of his reception in provincial England.

We hope you will enjoy it.

BUY NOW FROM AMAZON! Or download the Kindle version.

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